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Ep 20: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made When Launching and How to Fix Them with Rachel Spencer - 8/31/20  

Rachel Spencer joins us to walk you through the 3 biggest launch mistakes and what you can do to fix them! WE talk about audience size, strategy, mindset and the vibes you need to maintain during your launch. Rachel Spencer is a Business Coach & Launch Strategist living in NYC. She helps lady bosses launch their way to 6-figures+ and become powerful leaders! More specifically, she uses her expertise in launch strategy, sales psychology, and video marketing to help her clients stand out as authorities in their niche and sign consistent clients with ease.

In this episode, Steph teaches you her energy protection and expansion meditation that can help you protect your own energy field, while also generously expanding even more love and light to those who need it. 

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Ep 19: How to cleanse and protect your energy from negative vibes - 8/24/20  

When you’re shining bright and vibrating high...⁣⁣

Those who lack what you have may be drawn to you and either want to latch on in hopes to absorb your vibes...⁣⁣

Or, when extremely threatened or triggered...⁣⁣

They may try to energetically deplete you or take you off your game. ⁣⁣

In this episode, Stephanie talks about how there is more than enough to go around for ALL of us to have health, wealth, happiness, and success.

The mindset we can adopt to ensure we don’t get dragged down into the realm of jealousy and competition...⁣⁣

And the awareness that a women doing the same thing you’re doing is NOT your competition, she’s probably on the a similar soul mission as you with the same desired outcome...⁣⁣

And therefore she is your sister! ⁣⁣

In this episode, Steph teaches you her energy protection and expansion meditation that can help you protect your own energy field, while also generously expanding even more love and light to those who need it. 

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Ep 18: What It Takes To Truly Be A Leader - 8/10/20  

In this raw truth bomb episode Steph will make you look at leadership and CEO status differently. She takes you down a path of what true leadership really entails and why it's not easy for everyone. So much responsibility comes with true leadership especially when it comes to running a highly functioning and profitable business like Soulbiz. She even shares some of the mistakes she's made along the way, and talks about the culture she's creating in her own company. And if that's not enough, she lets you know how you can embody true leadership outside of business too. Whether it's one on one, on the scale of a corporation,  at home or within parenting...this episode will help you step up into true leader status!


Ep 17: Why It's So Important To Sell - 8/3/20  

In this episode Steph talks about the importance of creating and maintaining a high vibe, strong mindset and solid sales skill set in order to create the impact and income we desire. Why 3 particular aspects of sales will make all the difference for you and how you can nail all three so that you can have the freedom, fulfillment and income you deserve!


Ep 16: How To Repurpose Your Content, Work Less & Earn More - 7/27/20  

Want to learn how to set yourself up to be able to work less and earn the BIG bucks on repeat? In this episode Steph teaches you the best time saving content hacks! She will walk you through how to get the most out of every minute you spend creating content and how to turn one effort into a ripple effect of results. You don't want to skip this one because your future self will kick you in the ass if you don't start implementing this right now!


Ep 15: This sales page formula will sell your offer for you! - 7/20/20  

Ready to get the step by step on how to create a sales page that will save you time, money AND make you a ton of money!? In this episode Steph gives the exact formula all the pro's are using to sell out their offers without even having to get on sales calls! Hit the link below to check out on her best converting sales pages for inspiration.


Ep 14: Sell out your services using the features and Benefits method - 7/12/20  

In this episode Steph will teach you the difference between the features and the benefits of your offer, and how to properly convey them through your marketing. This method is a tried and true marketing strategy used in every Industry but it's not used enough in the online service based industry. Skipping this important factor on social media posts, sales pages and other marketing is a common mistake online. Listen, learn, implement and start selling out those offers easily!


Ep 13: How to warm up your audience so you can sell out your offers! 

Learn how to sell out your offers by following Steph's step by step formula for warming up your audience so that they can't wait to buy your offer when you drop it! Skipping this step is one of the most common mistakes Steph see's happening online and it's often the reason people aren'y buying. Get your pen and paper ready because this one is a game changer! Don't forget to screen shot this episode and share it on your stories and to any of your sisters who want to sell out their offers!


Ep 12: How to funnel ideal clients into your offer

In this episode, Stephanie is diving into how to get more of your ideal clients looking at your stuff and offers.

One of the biggest issues that she sees over and over is that people can't get clients. They nab all the scripts, use the templates and even with the copy and paste stuff happening, they still don't have sales. Why is that exactly?

Well friend, buckle up, grab your pen and paper, set aside your time so you can really listen cause she is diving deep into why you can't get clients, and how you can fix that problem and be a client magnet.


Ep 10: The Most Important Thing To Pay Attention To In Business

In this episode, Stephanie is talking with you raw and unfiltered about the importance of following your intuition. When you take others' ideas, opinions and allow them to call the shots your business suffers. Join Stephanie as she uses her podcast cover as an example of a time when she didn't use her intuition, follow her gut, and how because of it she had to pay for it.


Ep 9: Why You Should Have A Multi-Level Product Suite To Serve Your Clients

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the importance of product suites and how to do it the best way for your business! As she mentioned in her last episode, you have different ideal clients with different levels of transformation. Now it's time to create different levels of products and offers for each of those levels! By creating different product suites, you're serving all of your audience, not leaving anyone behind. It also gives you a chance to retain clients and an opportunity for your clients to grow with you. She also gives some tips for if you're just starting out and don't have multiple offers yet.


Ep 8: You Have More Than One Ideal Client

This podcast episode gives you tips on how to identify multiple ideal clients, and why you need to identify them. Knowing your client’s name, marital status, hobbies, etc. is kind of old school and streamlined. In this episode, the host, Stephanie Starr teaches you four different things on how to win your clients and close the deal. It also teaches you what are the best products to sell depending on the type of clients you’ll encounter. Stephanie breaks down how to find your ideal clients by asking yourself a few simple questions like "Where are they at right now?" "What are their current pain points?" and "Where do they want to be?"  She explains that there are different levels of ideal clients, and how to offer different levels of your services according to those ideal client levels. Additionally, this podcast also teaches you to always think outside the box to deliver customer happiness and satisfaction.


Ep 5: The Ultimate 4 SECRETS To Overcoming Every Single Sales Objection

Overcome the most common sales objection
1.) I can't afford that right now - money creates fear for people. They fear their decisions lead to them not having it. Reassure them that these feelings are normal.
Using Feel, Felt, Found method
2.) Talk to them about who helps them make their financial decisions
3.) Not the right time to do this
When will it be the right time? It's my job to remove whats in between them and their dreams. Change isn't comfortable or easy. Will the right time ever come?
4.) Afraid To Take The Risk
They haven't developed enough trust in you or enough trust in THEMSELVES! Do they not trust or believe in your program, or do they not trust themselves to do the work. This may not be their first rodeo.
She begs us to have faith and understand that taking a risk right now is probably exactly what each of us need. The road to her thriving and wealthy business was taking a leap of faith when she had all of these same rejections.


Ep 6: How To Create An Offer You Know Your People Will Buy

The problem isn't whether or not you're ready, Stephanie urges us to understand its about energetically getting behind the price and the product you are offering.

In order to do that you must do some serious market research. From using facebook and instagram polls to your advantage, always using a google form application before phone calls, recording sales calls, paying attention to free analytics, and being clear on your most common feedback Stephanie drops over 12 different ways you can generate the perfect market research from the audience you already have. 

If you use this market research to your advantage and truly study what you client is dying for and more than willing to pay for, you won't have to stress over pricing your offer or being left on endless sales calls with no close. 

This episode will teach you how to create an offer that fits your ideal client, sales with ease, and feels good to you as the creator and gives you the confidence you should always have when selling!


Ep 4: The SALES CALL Process You Need Before You Sell Anything

In this unheard of episode, Stephanie drops her entire sales process from beginning to end and even includes her sales script. 

Stephanie reveals 4 questions each coach should ask themselves and write down in preperation for ANY sales call. She has seen countless coaches sales increase dramatically by just putting in place this "pre-sales call inner work." Stephanie believes as a coach, you must be more convinced than anyone you chat with that your product or service is the absolute best and will change their life before wasting their time on a sales call.

Questions like, "what do I need to believe about my offer? What do I need to believe about this potential client?" This is so you don't underestimate how resourceful your ideal sales client can be. Most people who are in enough pain will MAKE a way. 

And questions like, "what do I need to believe about myself? It is important to understand If you're about to get on a call with someone, they've already decided they like, know, and trust you as the expert.

Understanding what you as a coach believe about sales is KEY.  She reminds us that to go back to episode 3 because your sales mindset is a MUST prior to jumping on calls to sell anyone anything. 

This episode is a MUST because Stephanie drops her exact intro script she uses for each sales call. This is how she gets the client to openly accept a sales pitch and say, "yes' several times before the pitch begins. They have already created a habit of saying yes and they will not be surprised. 

From learning what questions to ask the client to help them paint and feel the vision to how to perfectly close the sale, this episode is everything you need to up your sales conversions and go into each sale confidently and with purpose.


Ep 3: The Mindset You MUST Have To Make Sales!

“Who TF are you to NOT share your gifts with the world?”

For many of you that is a serious question. Shift your focus on to why not?! 

 As an entrepreneur you have to understand that you have to be capable of generating sales or else you just have a hobby. In order to do that, you have to have the right mindset around the idea of selling. It's highly-important to start the day right before selling. How? Stephanie shared that you must build your vibe first. Make sure that you have the positive energy prior to speaking to potential clients/customers.

In order to be good at sales, you must recognize that sales is what makes the world go round. You are not taking something away from anybody if you sell your goods/services to them. You ABSOLUTELY DESERVE to receive something in return for your efforts. It's a two-way avenue. You give to receive. You are not selling. YOU ARE SERVING. It is how you share your light without building resentment.

She wants us to remind ourselves daily that there are millions of people who are looking for your help and exactly what you sell. Stephanie prepares us for her 9 step must knows for her perfect sales call in this episode and wants you to make sure your mindset is prepared for the next episode where she will cover her exact 9 step strategy.


Ep 2: The Secrets Behind Your Content To Make BIG Sales

Stephanie is back on the microphone to explain how you can create content that can attract your ideal clients and convert them into sales.

Great sales come down to good content creation and creating that trust factor from your audience quickly through pure organic marketing. It's really important to practice content writing because you can have a bomb product or service but if you don't know how to connect with your audience through your content, it will be hard to make a sale. Stephanie reminds us that outsourcing is always a good option, but if you can't afford to do such, here are a few things to bear in mind to help you do it on your own.