Genuinely not giving a shit about what other's think

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

Genuinely not giving a shit about what other people think is a lifelong practice but it gets easier and easier. And it's the best way to live! 


It takes so much JUNK out of your head & off your shoulders. And when we find ourselves caring...we gotta ask "why do I care what this person thinks!?" some pretty interesting shit can pop up. And I find that in the end it always has to do with ourselves....not them at all.


Doing the inner work...or as I like to call "dusting off our layers" is the hardest shit to do. But it's so necessary to having peace within us. It's like when we clean or organize a physical space ...we gotta rip it apart first and it always looks way more a mess in the beginning of the process; in order to sort through it all. It's the same thing with our inner work. We have to be willing to look at all the crap! 


Once it's all in our face we can choose what we want/need to keep, what we could let go of, and what can go in the "fuck it...

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How do we scrape up what's left of ourselves?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

How do we scrape up what’s left of ourselves after years of a downward spiral? And what is actually left of us? Is there anything worth scraping up? Or should we leave it all behind? Is it time to shed all skin and poke your head out with new skin? 


What do we leave behind and what do we hold onto too? The lessons and the strength, of course, but is there anything else worth bringing int what we hope is a new start. How do we know if it’s over? Is it ever going to be over?? 


Are we anything close to who we used to be? Should we be? Are we not meant to be? 


Who was that person anyway? It’s been so long. Can we even recognize that person now? 


If I get to start over. Who do I want to be now? What do I want to shed, what shall I keep and what would I like to create? 


I guess that’s the thing about starting over. It’s scary and unpredictable but, it also means we get to choose again. 



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What if you were TRULY being YOU?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

What would your life look like if you were TRULY being YOU? You know, the REAL you! Do you know?  


Forget about any stories you’ve held onto from the past! That’s the PAST. It’s GONE. It’s NOT right now. And don’t get mixed up in what hasn’t happened yet. (That’s a different exercise) 


Who are you RIGHT NOW?  


Forget about the make-up face you put on for the public! And the perfect employee/co-worker you are at work, or personality online the masses see, or the perfect mom you are at school events, the perfect partner you are at your loves staff Christmas party, or the daughter you are for your parents, the friend your friends know etc etc etc ...




Ask yourself TEN times “who am I?” And don’t let it be a label!! No “wife” “mom” “nurse” those things are roles you play! Not who you...

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When you're sick of your own bullshit

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2020

{WARNING: This content is real, raw, authentic... and I tend to swear a lot. This may cause symptoms of an intense need to up-level your life, reach for your dreams and side effects of inspiration, connection, and motivation may occur. If you feel any signs of offence you may unsubscribe below}


I had a deep chat with a dear friend today. She's facing some serious challenges in life right now and she really needed to vent. I was happy to listen as we all need someone to vent to sometimes, and honestly...I was relieved to hear her finally letting it all out! (holding shit in is never a great thing)


She began to express her anger and frustration. She couldn't do the things she used to be able to do and she was really struggling with her emotions. Then she got into how she knows what she "SHOULD" be doing...but she just doesn't feel like doing it. She knows she "should" be journaling, she "should" be getting onto her yoga mat each day, she "should" be getting outside more,...

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