What if you were TRULY being YOU?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

What would your life look like if you were TRULY being YOU? You know, the REAL you! Do you know? 🧐 


Forget about any stories you’ve held onto from the past! That’s the PAST. It’s GONE. It’s NOT right now. And don’t get mixed up in what hasn’t happened yet. (That’s a different exercise) 


Who are you RIGHT NOW? 🕰 


Forget about the make-up face you put on for the public! And the perfect employee/co-worker you are at work, or personality online the masses see, or the perfect mom you are at school events, the perfect partner you are at your loves staff Christmas party, or the daughter you are for your parents, the friend your friends know etc etc etc ...




Ask yourself TEN times “who am I?” And don’t let it be a label!! No “wife” “mom” “nurse” those things are roles you play! Not who you are! We all play roles, yes. But who the fuck are you when your not playing a role? When your JUST BEING a human with no label!?? 


No but seriously. Stop reading my rant for a sec and right now, ask your HEART AND SOUL “who the fuck am I??” Ten times! NOT YOUR BRAIN! Your heart’n soul baby!!! 


Journal what comes up! 

OWN what comes up. 

What do you do with it from here? 

Well, that’s a whole other level 😉


That’s all I got for now. 

Sleep tight beautiful people. 😘


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