When you're sick of your own bullshit

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2020

{WARNING: This content is real, raw, authentic... and I tend to swear a lot. This may cause symptoms of an intense need to up-level your life, reach for your dreams and side effects of inspiration, connection, and motivation may occur. If you feel any signs of offence you may unsubscribe below}


I had a deep chat with a dear friend today. She's facing some serious challenges in life right now and she really needed to vent. I was happy to listen as we all need someone to vent to sometimes, and honestly...I was relieved to hear her finally letting it all out! (holding shit in is never a great thing)


She began to express her anger and frustration. She couldn't do the things she used to be able to do and she was really struggling with her emotions. Then she got into how she knows what she "SHOULD" be doing...but she just doesn't feel like doing it. She knows she "should" be journaling, she "should" be getting onto her yoga mat each day, she "should" be getting outside more, she "should" be meditating and using affirmations more and should, should, should...but she just doesn't. And she's starting to get tired of it all. The crying, the complaining and the excuses. 


As she started to let it all out I could feel her becoming more comfortable with opening up about feeling vulnerable, pissed off, scared and seriously annoyed with her lack of effort and drive to do the things she knows she "SHOULD" be doing. She began to own up to it. She began to confess. She began to accept where her authentic self is right now at this particular time in her life. Even knowing it's not who she always will be, it's who she is RIGHT NOW...and that's ok. 


And I was HAPPY to hear her frustration! I was HAPPY to hear how pissed off and fed up she was getting with herself. I was HAPPY to hear how annoyed she was with her lack of doing—with the lack of change. 


OK, WHAT!? Did I just say that I was "HAPPY" to hear my dearest friends frustration with these brutal struggles!? Yep. I did. Because it's the truth. It really made me happy! 


Now you must be wondering why the hell such a thing would make me happy, right!? Ok well...here's the deal. 




So yes I'm happy for her! Because I know that she is on the verge of BIG change! Positive change. The change she is craving that will allow her to grow through—and out of this!


How do I know this is what's going to happen!? Because I've been there! I've been the excuse maker, the pretender, the avoider, the faker, the procrastinator and THE ULTIMATE bullshit-myself-inator!!! (Yep, I just made that word up!...I think lol) And it was being that girl for TOO LONG that got me to being the woman I am today. I got so FED UP with the "9-5 single mom struggle" and the "I'm not good enough" or "that kind of life will never be mine" BULLSHIT STORIES that I played over and over again in my head and—out loud to anyone that would listen! And I got tired of not taking action. Not trying. Not having faith in myself and not listening to what my guts had been telling me ALL ALONG! And I knew nothing would change—UNLESS I DID.


So I started to face my fears, break down these bullshit stories and write new ones! Now this "face my fears head on - fucking bring it on" kind of woman I've become—is my favourite version of myself!! Because It feels fantastic!!! 


Are you a bullshit-yourself-inator? Are you really living life the way you actually truly deeply want to be living it? If not, are you sick and tired of it yet? Are you fed up with feeling like your just not worthy of that life you see others living? That maybe it's just "not in the cards for me" attitude? If you're not quite there yet...I hope you get there. Because accepting mediocrity and silently wishing our lives were different catches up to you—in one way or another. 


If you're ready to make some changes, take some chances or maybe even just explore what's possible for you, then I invite you to a FREE one hour coaching call 1:1 with me! Let's identify your strengths, find those bullshit stories, break them down to nothing and start building new ones!! It's a powerful, positive experience that can really clarify things and help move you forward! 


Why am I so passionate about seeing these changes in you? Because I'm a woman on a mission and my mission is to help as many women as possible step into their power and own it! Because our world needs it!  


Ps: If you haven't already...I invite you to join my private Facebook group community of like-minded women just like you! It's a fun, safe place to share, ask questions, learn and grow as we all rise together! Join us here — Badass Bizbabes! I hope to see you there and connect with you personally!


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