How do we scrape up what's left of ourselves?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

How do we scrape up what’s left of ourselves after years of a downward spiral? And what is actually left of us? Is there anything worth scraping up? Or should we leave it all behind? Is it time to shed all skin and poke your head out with new skin? 


What do we leave behind and what do we hold onto too? The lessons and the strength, of course, but is there anything else worth bringing int what we hope is a new start. How do we know if it’s over? Is it ever going to be over?? 


Are we anything close to who we used to be? Should we be? Are we not meant to be? 


Who was that person anyway? It’s been so long. Can we even recognize that person now? 


If I get to start over. Who do I want to be now? What do I want to shed, what shall I keep and what would I like to create? 


I guess that’s the thing about starting over. It’s scary and unpredictable but, it also means we get to choose again. 


As I waiver between anxiety and hope. Fear and excitement. I anticipate the tough stuff. The not knowing, the lack of control, the fear of failing. But I also fantasize about the freshness of new opportunities.


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