So write they say……




I’ll bet everyone feels a little lost on their path at some point in life, feeling not sure what career to choose, where to live or who to date.  We all wonder if we are here for a reason or some sort of mission. Ultimately we all really just want to be happy, healthy and secure. Some people are lucky enough to know their aspirations, hopes, dreams and talents, some are still searching within and others may never find them. But as lucky as we are to have them, having so many choices and options can be very overwhelming. 


While being completely confused and overwhelmed on this part of my journey I’ve found writing to be very helpful. I’ve always loved to write, and the people closest to me have always encouraged my writing. Recently it occurred to me how wonderful it would be to make a living doing what I naturally love to do. When I shared this thought with friends the response I got from every one of them was “SO WRITE THEN!”  So I’ve decided to begin writing more. Writing songs, poems, journals, blogs and hopefully even work on that book I started years ago! After all what else is there to do? Writing is just what I love to do. It’s how I think about things. It’s how I get into my head. Or rather get out of my head and into my heart, or is it actually my soul? 

Imagine if everyone did what their soul most desired! What kind of world would we create if people were able to find their true passion and talent and make a living from it? Wouldn’t we still have all that we need as a species or society? After all there are billions of different passions and talents amongst us. We have people who love to build things, fix things, find things, and create things. We have people who love to cook, clean, heal and grow things. Wouldn’t we still have an economy? Perhaps even a less stressed out, happier society making the wheels go around. How would the world be if we were as driven by passion as we are by money? If we made choices from our heart and love instead of fear and our ego? 


What would you do if you could do anything and make a sufficient living off it? What do you love to do most? What’s that one thing you could loose yourself in without realizing hours and hours have gone by? How would your life change if you were to take a chance and do it? How would the success of it affect you and the people closest to you? What would you be giving to society? What holds people back from living their dreams? I mean, If you’re a natural at something and you do it so well, why wouldn’t you be successful? Does anyone really know? Do I really need to know? Why do humans always need to know so much?


I think as a species, the more information we have gathered over the years, the dumber we have become! We either forget about or just simply ignore all the simple stuff. We used to just use our brains to survive. Now we use our brains to create atomic bombs and suck oil out from below the earths crust and then spill it all into the ocean. We genetically modify our food to grow bigger and faster, spray chemicals all over it, and then pack it full of preservatives so we can ship it from economy to economy while polluting the earth to do so. Then we make our local organic food cost so much that hardly anyone can afford it. 


Do we really think this makes us smarter!?  Hold on a second here people! Is it possible that we have taken it too far? That we have actually only learned how too slowly self destruct? All these things we do for convenience are in turn actually killing us. Maybe we don’t need to know it all. Maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe if we just kept things simple the world would be a better place and our lives would be less stressful.  Aren’t we ourselves just like a tiny little universe?  Were made up of energy, water, atoms, molecules, cells and proteins. We have ecosystems and symbiotic relationships going on just like this planet.


 Well here I am always trying to be so clever, find the deeper meaning, dissect it, perfect it and find a way to make everything so much easier, meanwhile I’m forgetting all the simple stuff. Forgetting that it’s all fine to begin with, just the way it is.  It’s all naturally the way it is because our creator is so amazingly brilliant that everything has already been thought of. It’s already been created into pure perfection. And if you fuck with it, your gunna ruin the good that it already was, probably only to figure out in the end that it was perfect in the beginning!


Why do we have to ruin things or loose them to realize how good it is? Obviously all part of the perfect system I guess.  And here I go trying to be so clever, find the deeper meaning, dissect it, perfect it and make it easier because I’m human and I’m just dying to know!! But perhaps I should only learn to accept it and let it be the way it is. Maybe I’m not meant to understand it, just enjoy it. 

So, recently I’ve been awakened to a whole new perspective. Perhaps I should only -learn to accept it and let it be the way it is. Maybe I’m not meant to understand it, just enjoy it. So I’ve taken a step back and simply looked at the big picture of our species as a whole unit instead of trying to figure out all the little things in the deep and in between spaces. Now I understand that I must be an important and perfect part of it because it’s all perfect, and everything that we see is just a mirror of what’s going on inside of ourselves.  Just like how it takes all that energy, H2o, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, atoms, molecules and cells, proteins ect to work together to make the Human body function, and each little part effects the overall health and vitality of the whole system.  So does each and every one of us humans work together to make this species and planet function.

You see, I’ve been trying to do all of this with myself and my life.  I’ve been trying to be so clever, find the better faster way, dissect it and perfect it and make it easy, and so far that hasn’t really been working out for me. It’s actually been slowly killing me. But suddenly I realize that I’ve been made perfect. I’m perfectly exactly who I need to be to do my little part in the whole system! I am always right where I need to be at the right place at the right time for the right things to happen. And right now, I write. 




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